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Employment Law Update Series

Recorded Webinar 3.5 CPD hours

Be prepared for employment law changes affecting your business and clients by; understanding key concepts in the Holidays Act and how to apply them to your payroll and understanding how to avoid and resolve personal grievances from staff so you can focus on business.

Critical Skills for Budgeting Success

Recorded Webinar 4 CPD hours

This series of four recorded webinars will explore perspectives for you, as a finance professional, to develop a greater strategic understanding of your organisation, recognise the dynamic environment in which you operate and explore and exploit smart technologies to performance manage the strategic outcomes.

Introduction to Integrated Reporting

Recorded Webinar 5 CPD hours

This recorded webinar series is primarily designed for individuals who want to understand Integrated Reporting, including integrated thinking and the benefits it can bring to an organisation e.g. directors, senior executive and other managers who are interested in a high level overview of the what is happening in business reporting, the move towards integrated and strategic reporting and the benefits.

The Evolution of Finance Teams - What skills do future CFOs need to have?

Seminar 1 CPD hours

The roles and responsibilities of a CFO already extend far beyond the traditional compliance, financial reporting and governance roles. As well as managing finances, today’s CFOs are increasingly expected to provide guidance and advice to the CEO and board on a range of issues, including cyber security, customer service, logistics and corporate branding.

2019 Central North Island Regional Conference

Conference 7 CPD hours

Meeting Future Business Demands With Ease

There is a lot of speculation about the future of accounting, so at the 2019 Central North Island Conference we define that future, so that you can prepare to meet these changes with ease.

The conference brings together a collaboration of great minds to share real life examples of how they have moved from the realms of theory to practice in their preparation to meet future business demands.

November Financial Stability Report

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

This session presents the very latest information on the strength of New Zealand’s financial systems. Hear the Reserve Bank of New Zealand detail the key findings from its just released Financial Stability Report (FSR).

The FSR assesses the soundness and efficiency of the New Zealand financial system, and the risks and challenges it is currently facing.

Accounting and Finance for Non-Accountants

Webinar 2 CPD hours

This webinar will provide a practical demonstration of accounting processes, systems and theory for those seeking a broader understanding of their role in the finance team. The webinar is designed to give participants an understanding of what happens in accounting behind the computer screen.

System based thinking, scenario based strategy series

Webinar 4 CPD hours

This 4 part live webinar series will introduce and build awareness and basic competence with professional accountants in the field of Systems Based Thinking & Scenario-Based Strategy.

Waikato International Womens Day Lunch 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Join us for an inspirational high tea lunch with Renae Smart (Managing Director, Civtec) and Anna Connell (columnist and commentator) to celebrate the 2019 International Women's Day.

Embracing the 2019 theme #balanceforbetter International Women's Day brings people together to celebrate the achievements of women. We aim to inspire, motivate and unite friends and colleagues, whilst also making a call to action for accelerating gender balance in the workplace.

PEAK Leadership 2019 – Developing Your Managerial Skills

Webinar 4 CPD hours

This four part live webinar series supports your development of the skills you need as a leader to create confident, results focused, inspired and engaged people. It challenges you to review and sharpen your leadership skills and adapt your style of managing when handling conflict, change and strategic planning.

Gisborne IWD 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Join us for an inspirational lunch with Glenis Philip-Barbara, General Manager of Te Hā Trust Gisborne.

Embracing the 2019 theme #BalanceforBetter International Women's Day brings people together to celebrate the achievements of women; and to inspire, motivate and unite friends and colleagues – while also making a call to action for accelerating balance. 

PICAN - The future of tech for accountants and the digital transformation process

Seminar 2 CPD hours

The PICAN Committee have put together a great panel of speakers to share their insights on "The future of tech for accountants and the digital transformation process"

Cloud computing, SaaS and foreseeable changes in IT including AI & IOT brings big change and impact for accountants and the accounting profession. Come and hear from experts in the field of the opportunities that will arise with this seismic change, and tips to successfully navigating these opportunities - ie, how to set yourself and your practice up for success.

We have leaders in the cloud computing industry, as well as practitioners that are taking advantage of the change. 

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