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Financial Modelling Workshop

Workshop 13 CPD hours

This activity is presented by SumProduct.

This activity will enable you to build efficient and effective models for business decision making, focusing on the construction of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

Critical Skills for Budgeting Success

Recorded Webinar 4 CPD hours

This series of four recorded webinars will explore perspectives for you, as a finance professional, to develop a greater strategic understanding of your organisation, recognise the dynamic environment in which you operate and explore and exploit smart technologies to performance manage the strategic outcomes.

November Financial Stability Report

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

This session presents the very latest information on the strength of New Zealand’s financial systems. Hear the Reserve Bank of New Zealand detail the key findings from its just released Financial Stability Report (FSR).

The FSR assesses the soundness and efficiency of the New Zealand financial system, and the risks and challenges it is currently facing.

PEAK Leadership 2019 – Developing Your Managerial Skills

Webinar 4 CPD hours

This four part live webinar series supports your development of the skills you need as a leader to create confident, results focused, inspired and engaged people. It challenges you to review and sharpen your leadership skills and adapt your style of managing when handling conflict, change and strategic planning.

2019 Hawke's Bay Business Summit

Conference 7 CPD hours

The Hawke's Bay Business Summit brings together the region’s most innovative business minds to discuss global and local trends and developments, and what it means to be a progressive business leader in an increasingly digitised and changing business environment.

Early bird discount is available until 31 March 2019 - so register now!

Cultural Intelligence 1 - eLearning

Self-paced 3.25 CPD hours

This activity is presented by AsiaLink Business.

This activity illustrates the importance of cultural intelligence, better equipping you to engage and work effectively with Asian cultures.

NB: Please allow 48 hours for log in details to arrive. Access to the program will be available for 12 months.

Cultural Intelligence 2 - eLearning

Self-paced 3.25 CPD hours

This activity is presented by AsiaLink Business.

Cultural Intelligence two builds on the foundation established in Cultural Intelligence one, deepening knowledge and providing practical strategies for working with Asian cultures.

Cultural Intelligence 1 is a pre requisite to this program.

NB: Please allow 48 hours for log in details to arrive. Access to the program will be available for 12 months

CA Catalyst Presents: Demystifying Workflow Automation – Roadmap to Firm Success

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

Registrations for the live webcast are now full, however register on this page to receive the recorded webcast which will be sent the following day

To help members understand what workflow automation is, how it can benefit them, understand the risks and how to implement solutions.

future[inc]: The Future of Trust

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Join us for the launch of our latest future[inc] Thought Leadership paper - the Future of Trust either at our Auckland Conference Centre or via webcast.

Trust is the basis of all relationships whether they are personal, business or community ones. Trust has been declining around the world yet it is vital for retaining our staff and our customers. It can be a brand differentiator that could make or break a business. Trust extends further than customer preference it impacts on all areas of business such as attracting talent, retaining talent, funding arrangements and supplier contracts. 
Brands will come and go out of vogue, those that capture our attention, retain our confidence and trust do so by holding fast to their core principles.

The document was prepared by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand with the assistance of Dr Lisa Marriott. The key points from the paper are:
  • Trust is critical in any relationship. High levels of trust have significant benefits 
  • for businesses and professionals. 
  • As people’s trust in many institutions declines, being honest and ethical isn’t enough – you need to communicate this commitment too. 
  • New technology combined with traditional values such as face-to-face contact can help improve trust. 
  • Association with a brand and purpose beyond profit are proven ways to retain and build trust.

Systems thinking, scenario based strategy series

Recorded Webinar 4 CPD hours

This 4 part recorded webinar series will introduce and build awareness and basic competence with professional accountants in the field of Systems Thinking & Scenario-Based Strategy.

2019 Waikato Gala Dinner


Please join us to honour and celebrate our members' achievements for the 2019 Waikato Gala Dinner. 

Bay of Plenty 2019 Economic Update with Westpac

Blended Program 1 CPD hours

Join us for a 2019 Economic Update and hear from Westpac Economist, Michael Gordon

Taranaki Fellows Panel Discussion 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

TOPIC: Eating Culture for Breakfast
Our 2019 Taranaki Fellows panel discussion 
will focus on the importance of culture;
What it is, why it matters and how to define it.

Transformation Workshop Series, Business of the Future – adapt, adopt and unleash the potential.

Workshop 4 CPD hours

The business landscape is changing and being disrupted at exponential rates, blink and a new technology platform or product is being launched.  What differentiates you from your competitors?

Agile teams, leadership and organisations cultured to support this new norm of change and disruption need to be nurtured and transformed.

How do you create a culture within the organisation that empowers change, employees are advocates and top talent are lining up to work for the organisation? Leadership and employee engagement are the foundation for satisfied customers, they make the difference between success and failure. 

Our presenters are all leaders in their fields and join us from across the globe to take you on a transformational journey. 

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