Financial Advisory & Superannuation

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November Financial Stability Report

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

This session presents the very latest information on the strength of New Zealand’s financial systems. Hear the Reserve Bank of New Zealand detail the key findings from its just released Financial Stability Report (FSR).

The FSR assesses the soundness and efficiency of the New Zealand financial system, and the risks and challenges it is currently facing.

Financial Modelling - eLearning

eLearning Upto 16 hours

This activity is presented by SumProduct. It will enable you to build efficient and effective models for business decision making, focusing on the construction of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.  The module comprises best practice guidelines as well as practical advice on common challenges involved in building financial models.
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CA Catalyst Presents: Data Analytics and Data Visualisation for insights, impact & growth

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Join us for this live session to discuss big data, analytics and visualisation which are powerful tools, but how can they be leveraged to create tangible value? This Data Analytics and Visualisation webinar is designed to provide you with a with a deeper understanding of how analytics and visualisation can be used to drive business performance.

CA Catalyst presents Demystifying Advisory for Public Practice

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

To gain clarity on what Advisory is and what it isn’t. To ascertain the personal skills needed and how to adopt them. To understand the organisational capabilities needed to transition to and gain further revenue from advisory work. What client expectations are now and in the future.

Accounting and Finance for Non-Accountants- Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Upto 7 hours

This Activity is presented by Bentleys and will be presented over Zoom.

The course will be split into 3 separate 2.5 hour virtual workshops, which provide a practical, hands-on application of accounting processes, systems and theory for those seeking a broader understanding of their role in the finance team, and a better understanding of financial reports.

The course is not computer-based, but is instead designed to give participants an understanding of what happens in accounting behind the computer screen.