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Payroll Calculations Workshop

Workshop 7 CPD hours

This activity is presented by New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association.

It is aimed at Advanced practitioners wanting a refresher on how to complete payment calculations that meet legislative requirements and ensure compliance.
New Zealand employment legislation is complex and wide ranging in terms of what payroll practitioners have to calculate to comply with the law. This condensed course allows advanced payroll practitioners to question all aspects of the calculations they undertake in payroll.
This workshop is only available to members. For non-members please register directly with the New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association.

Audit Conference 2019

Conference 7.5 CPD hours

The 2019 Audit Conference will  assist  you in obtaining  up to date technical knowledge in a landscape of constant change.  

Accounting Conference 2019

Conference 7.5 CPD hours

As the future of accounting and finance continues to evolve, and the role of the accountant progresses towards a trusted business advisor, it is now more important than ever to understand and harness the latest technology. 

Professional Ethics Workshop

Workshop 4 CPD hours

All CA ANZ members resident in New Zealand must complete four hours of ethics training every 5 years. This course is designed specifically for professional accountants. 


Auckland CFO/Financial Controllers SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A forum for senior CAs at Chief Financial Officer or Financial Controller level to network and connect

Auckland Company Accountants SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network focused on sharp thinking and sharing information for CAs in commercial or corporate environment.

Auckland Focus on Management SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network focused on sharp thinking for CAs in senior management or governance roles.

Auckland Financial Markets & Investment SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network of CAs focused on treasury and financial markets management as well as local and global markets for shares, property, interest/debt and foreign exchange.

Forensic Accounting SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

This group meets six times each year, covering a variety of topics relevant to those working in forensic accounting such as fraud, liquidations and receivership, computer forensics, financial investigation, and private sector civil disputes.

Auckland Information Technology SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

The IT group provides members with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in IT. Meetings are held bi-monthly and cover two to three areas of technological interest with topics that are informative and relevant for all levels of IT users.

Auckland Not-For-Profit SIG 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Meeting five times per year, this group focuses on issues for the not-for-profit sector. Members include accountants who work in the sector in paid roles, as volunteers, and practitioners who provide accounting and audit services to the sector.

Auckland Public Practice SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

This group meets monthly and consists of CA ANZ members holding a Certificate of Public Practice. Presentations cover a wide range of topics, providing them with exposure to current practice and likely future developments.

Auckland Tax SIG 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Meeting monthly, this group covers topical tax issues. Members comprise of accountants in practice, those working in industry, people managing their own tax affairs and professionals wishing to advance their tax knowledge. 

Auckland Trust SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

Meeting bi-monthly, the Trusts group covers all a range of subjects in this dynamic area of law. Speakers are all leaders in their respective areas and the topics are wide ranging including both technical and operational content. 

Auckland Women Accountants SIG

Seminar 8 CPD hours

Entrepreneurship in a digital world  - it is estimated that more than a million technology start-ups are created worldwide each year, and that these contribute to a dynamic $3trillion USD ecosystem.  In the age of flexibility, low barriers to entry, and digital advancement how can we capitalise on this growing  phenonium?

Hear from experts  on how to navigate the entrepreneurial and start up landscape to achieve success , including two incredible speakers that have achieved and developed exceptional platforms for success. They will share their stories , and how they navigated this dynamic and ever changing landscape. 

Accounting for Non-Accountants Workshop

Workshop 12 CPD hours

This workshop is presented by Academy of Training.

Develop an understanding of business and accounting principles, enabling you to meet the requirements of your job effectively.

Project Management Workshop by Academy of Training

Workshop 12 CPD hours

This activity is presented by Academy of Training. To teach project managers, team leaders, project team members and other key staff the fundamentals in project management best practice.

Time Management Skills Workshop

Workshop 6 CPD hours

This workshop is presented by Academy of Training.

Develop key time management skills in order to optimise best use of your time and help you get more out of your day.

Women in Business Conference 2020

Conference 7.5 CPD hours

This event has now closed.  Register your interest for 2020.

The Women in Business Conference is targeted at leaders, aspiring leaders and middle management.  This event provides an opportunity to connect with women in similar roles and hear real, uplifting stories from inspirational speakers.

Take time out to benefit from valuable, relevant and timely content as well as practical tips and take-aways you can apply when you get back to work.  Gain motivation, inspiration and empowerment from the wide range of topics covered and energetic and enthusiastic delivery.

Financial Modelling Workshop

Workshop 13 CPD hours

This activity is presented by SumProduct.

This activity will enable you to build efficient and effective models for business decision making, focusing on the construction of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

CFO Fast-track: Analyst to Strategist Workshop

Workshop 6.5 CPD hours


Fast track your career to strategic CFO in this interactive workshop.  Learn the concepts, techniques and language of strategy. Use key frameworks to move beyond the numbers and take a strategic lens to the business as you work through real-world scenarios. 

Auckland New Members Ceremony - 6 Nov 19


Join us in celebrating our newest members at the Auckland New Members Ceremony, Wednesday 6 November 2019 at 5.30pm, The Great Room, Cordis Hotel Auckland

Auckland Public Practice Update

Seminar 3 CPD hours

Join us for an update on some key current matters and future developments that are relevant to you as a Public Practice professional. This session is specifically geared for small and medium practice and aims to equip you with knowledge and tools to future proof your Practice.

Join us in person or via live webcast. 

AKL Building Knowledge Series - Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Microsoft's finance team, led by Vanessa Cope, will share their finance journey from single Microsoft Finance Solutions to the reality of Modern Finance today, a world of Dynamics, of ‘Always-on’ and of ‘Powerful analytics and Productivity.’ It is now a mantra that ‘all businesses are technology businesses,’ and, this being the case, finance needs to keep up, support, and empower businesses to achieve more every day. 

CA Catalyst - Data Analytics & Data Visualisation Workshop

Workshop 4 CPD hours

Big data, analytics and visualisation are powerful tools, but how can they be leveraged to create tangible value? This Data Analytics and Visualisation Workshop is designed to provide you with practical tips, advice and hands-on experience to leverage leading technology solutions and make a genuine impact.

Auckland Future of Business Series: Enterprise Risk Management: The Ultimate Guide

Seminar 4 CPD hours

Chartered Accountants ANZ & PwC are co-hosting an informative session on how to bring Enterprise Risk Management to life within organisations so they respond effectively to uncertainty and achieve their objectives.
Risk Management is not only about ensuring an organisation is safe and resilient. It is also about enabling confidence and pace in strategy execution.

Full Event Pricing

In person (Member & provisional)$127.00
In person (Non-member)$167.00
Webcast (Member & provisional)$97.00
Webcast (Non-member)$137.00

Auckland - An Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Workshop 3 CPD hours

In this session participants will gain an understanding of the neuroscience underpinning unconscious bias, use of tools and discussion-based learning to identify how we can recognise bias in ourselves as individuals, as well as begin to explore the strategies to create change, and help manage and mitigate unconscious bias.

Auckland - XRB's Targeted Review of the NZ Accounting Standards Framework

Seminar 1 CPD hours

The XRB is currently conducting a Targeted Review of the New Zealand Accounting Standards Framework and has issued a Discussion Paper to receive people’s feedback.

This is an opportunity for members to provide feedback on how well the framework is working in practice and whether there are any unintended consequences.

Auckland Women Accountants SIG 2020

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network of CAs focusing on development and support for women in the accounting profession.