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Auckland Company Accountants SIG 2024

A connected network focused on sharp thinking and sharing information for CAs in commercial or corporate environment.

Available to attend in person and online.

Monthly meetings on functional topics for accountants with specialist speakers who assist with personal development and planning. Regular topics also include updates on taxation, legal matters, economic updates, IT and financial accounting.

Annual Membership
CA ANZ Member: $230.00
Non-Member: $345.00

Casual Registration
CA ANZ Member: $57.00
Non-Member: $71.00

Meeting Dates 2024:

  • Wednesday, 21 February
  • Wednesday, 20 March
  • Wednesday, 17 April
  • Wednesday, 15 May
  • Wednesday, 19 June
  • Wednesday, 17 July
  • Wednesday, 21 August
  • Wednesday, 18 September
  • Wednesday, 16 October
  • Wednesday, 20 November
  • Friday, 13 December

Presenters and Topics 2024

  • Economic Update | Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist, Kiwibank
  • Year-end accounting including leases and FBT rates | Sanjay Kumar, Associate Partner, EY
  • 3 Profiling Tools that every company needs | Arlene Nicholson, Learning and Development Consultant, Binspired
  • Current trends in employment | Anthony Drake, Partner, Wynn Williams

Presenters and Topics 2023

  • How to thrive in 2023 (by getting out of your own way) | Arlene Nicholson, Learning & Development Consultant, Binspired
  • Economic Update | Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist, Kiwibank
  • Tax Update | Aaron Quintal, Partner, EY Private Tax; Tori Sullivan, Partner & Vrinda Kahtri, Senior Solicitor, EY Law Limited
  • Changes to GST rules for invoicing & record keeping | Hannah Smith, Customer Compliance Specialist & Dave Jordan, Technical Specialist, IRD
  • Ethics Update | Darby Healey, Partner, Risk and Audit Quality, KPMG
  • Employment Law | Anthony Drake, Partner, Wynn Williams
    The adoption of intelligent automation (IA) is not a traditional technology program, and shouldn’t be treated as such! | Maurice Dubey - Senior Manager / Financial Services Consulting at EY
  • IFRS Update | James Lindsay, Associate Director, Head of IFRS Advisory
  • Excel / Powerbi |Allison Kennedy, Data Insights Analyst
  • Budget Changes from a Tax Perspective | John Cuthbertson FCA, NZ Tax & Financial Services Leader, CA ANZ
  • How to improve Organisation Culture | Bill James, Training & Development Director, Attain
  • Property Investment |Alan Henderson, Director, Erskine Owen
  • Delegate or Drown! | Stuart Sinclair, Director, &SO
    Economic update |Tony Alexander, Economics Speaker and Writer
  • CA ANZ update | Peter Vial FCA, New Zealand Country Head, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Recruitment updates | Clare Turner, Director, Red Consulting Group
  • Work pressures and possible solutions | Sandy Hall M.Ed., Director, re/cognition
  • Robotic Process Automation for Accountants | Dr Lena Waizenegger, RBA Process Analyst, Air New Zealand
  • Ethics: critical to your career, organisation and profession | Peter Vial FCA, New Zealand Country Head, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Guest speaker for Christmas Dinner | Kevin Biggar, Motivational Speaker

Presenters and Topics 2022

  • Tax Update | Presented by John Cuthbertson, NZ Tax & Financial Services Leader, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Economic Update | Presented by Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist, Kiwibank
  • Property Tax Update | General Updates - Presented by Len Maharaj, Agent Account Manager, Inland Revenue NZ
  • Property Taxes (Bright-line Test & Interest Deductibility) - Presented by Jayshree Kushal, Technical Specialist, Inland Revenue NZ, and Ivy Lee, Technical Specialist, Inland Revenue NZ
  • Fringe Benefit Tax - Presented by Rachael Lyons, Technical Specialist, Inland Revenue NZ
  • Climate Change & Sustainability | Presented by Pip Best, Partner - Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY
  • A toolbox for Tough Conversations | Stuart Sinclair, Director, AndSo
  • A refresher on ethics and a brief update on advocacy from CA ANZ | Peter Vial FCA, NZ Country Head, Chartered Accountants ANZ
  • Advanced Excel Functions and Analytics for Accountants | Tim Heng, Director, SumProduct
  • Issues in Employment Law and a look into the future of work post-COVID | Anthony Drake, Partner, Wynn Williams
  • Tax Update | Liz Nelson, Partner - Tax, Deloitte and Sam Hornbrook, Associate Director, Deloitte
  • Wellbeing and mindfulness in a post covid-world | Kirsty von Minden, Founder, Mind Bright and Accredited Mindfulness Trainer, Faciliatator & Presenter
  • Excel tips and tricks | Allison Kenedy, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Ace Training Ltd & Private Trainer, Excel with Allison
  • Risk Management & Insurance - What you need to know | Jarrod de pont, Senior Business Development Broker - Corporate, Crombie Lockwood
  • Current isssues around trusts | Vicki Ammundsen, Director and Notary Public, Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Ltd
    Theresa Donnelly, Legal Services Manager, Perpetual Guardian
  • A Potpourri of sustainability & climate-related issues for the Company Accountant | Aleks Georgieva, Sustainability Manager, Westpac
  • Olaf Adam, Senior Manager – Sustainability, Westpac
  • Economic Update | Tony Alexander, Economics speaker and Writer
  • IFRS Update | David Pacey, National Technical Partner, Audit, Grant Thornton

Presenters and Topics 2021

  • Anyone Can Speak Confidently; the recipe to Public Speaking success | Diana Thomson, Public Speaking Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author & DiSC Certified Trainer
  • A remarkable recovery in highly uncertain times. We always underestimate the adaptability of business | Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist at Kiwibank
  • Tax Update | John Cuthbertson, NZ Tax & Financial Services Leader, CA ANZ
  • COVID issues | Anthony Drake, Employment Lawyer at Wynn Williams
  • Latest IFRS update | David Pacey, National Technical Partner - Grant Thornton
  • IRD update | Trish Spence Manning, Community Compliance Officer & Jayshree Khushal, Technical Specialist at Inland Revenue
  • Managing Fraud Risk in the Digital Era | Campbell McKenzie, Director - Incident Response Solutions & Wayne Bryant, CEO and Fraud Specialist - 3rdegree
  • Criminalisation of cartel conduct and managing risk | Alicia Murray, Partner - DLA Piper
  • Power BI/Excel/PowerApps - what's new for Accountants | Reza Rad, CEO, RADACAD
  • Current economic, political environment, changes to housing - (Pre-recording) | Liam Dann, Business Editor, NZ Herald
    Negotiation, Dr David Ferguson
  • Be surprised at what you can delegate! | Arlene Nicholson, Learning & Development Consultant, binspired
  • IFRS related | James Lindsay, Head of IFRS Advisory, BDO
  • Keep calm and carry on | Rod Oram
  • Public Sector Financial Management: next steps to meet changing expectations | Paul Helm, Head of Government Finance Profession and Chief Government Accountant at Te Tai Ōhanga – The Treasury
  • Excel, Power automate | Dr. Liam Bastick FCA FCMA CGMA MVP
  • Introducing the final Business Transformation changes - for businesses and employers & Top Solutions for Tax Agents | Kamal Gounder, Agent Account Manager & Len Maharaj, Agent Account Manager - Inland Revenue
  • Finance 2025 | Benoit Lancelot - Partner, Matt Strickett - Associate Director & Angela Zhang, Manager - Deloitte
  • A barrister's guide to negotiation and persuasion | Riaan Geldenhuys - Barrister, Tax and dispute resolution specialist
  • Complaints process for members of CA ANZ | William Robertson, Senior Lawyer in the Professional Conduct Team – Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Christmas Party | Nigel Latta

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Format: Seminar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 21 hours