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Otago member Event - A lunch with Jane Taylor, FCA


The Otago branch is delighted to invite you to attend a special presentation, with light lunch. Join us as we hear from experienced business woman and professional director, Jane Taylor, as she talks about overcoming the challenges associated with women’s career progression.  

Jane will cover how to advance your career by taking ownership and building confidence, the success/career/family balance dilemma and the need to adopt a growth mindset.  And above all else, how to listen to your heart and challenge your dreams.

Auckland CFO/Financial Controllers SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A forum for senior CAs at Chief Financial Officer or Financial Controller level to network and connect

Auckland Focus on Management SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network focused on sharp thinking for CAs in senior management or governance roles.

Forensic Accounting SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

This group meets six times each year, covering a variety of topics relevant to those working in forensic accounting such as fraud, liquidations and receivership, computer forensics, financial investigation, and private sector civil disputes.

Auckland Information Technology SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

The IT group provides members with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in IT. Meetings are held bi-monthly and cover two to three areas of technological interest with topics that are informative and relevant for all levels of IT users.

Auckland Public Practice SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

This group meets monthly and consists of CA ANZ members holding a Certificate of Public Practice. Presentations cover a wide range of topics, providing them with exposure to current practice and likely future developments.

Auckland Company Accountants SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network focused on sharp thinking and sharing information for CAs in commercial or corporate environment.

Auckland Financial Markets & Investment SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

A connected network of CAs focused on treasury and financial markets management as well as local and global markets for shares, property, interest/debt and foreign exchange.

Auckland Not-For-Profit SIG 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Meeting five times per year, this group focuses on issues for the not-for-profit sector. Members include accountants who work in the sector in paid roles, as volunteers, and practitioners who provide accounting and audit services to the sector.

Auckland Tax SIG 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Meeting monthly, this group covers topical tax issues. Members comprise of accountants in practice, those working in industry, people managing their own tax affairs and professionals wishing to advance their tax knowledge. 

Auckland Trust SIG 2019

Seminar 2 CPD hours

Meeting bi-monthly, the Trusts group covers all a range of subjects in this dynamic area of law. Speakers are all leaders in their respective areas and the topics are wide ranging including both technical and operational content. 

Auckland Women Accountants SIG

Seminar 12 CPD hours

This group focuses on the challenges women face in their careers and life and aims to offer our members the tools, insights and inspiration to improve outcomes for all women. The group meets 6 times per year, the topics and dates for 2019 are below.

Wellington Young Accountants Group - Wellington Tiki Tour


Are you a graduate currently working your way through the CA Program or thinking of getting started this year?

Inspirational Breakfast Series with Cam Calkoen - Attitude makes the difference

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is proud to host an exclusive breakfast event for our highly regarded Auckland Inspirational Breakfast Series.

Join us at our Auckland Conference Centre, or on our webcast, to hear guest speaker Cam Calkoen share his story.

Wairarapa Special Interest Group Events

Seminar 1 CPD hours

This year the Wairarapa Local Leadership Team are giving you the opportunity to get unique access to the owners of developing businesses in the Wairarapa.

Business Insite: Hobson Wealth Partners Ltd, Tauranga

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Come and visit Hobson Wealth Partners in their new premises in Tauranga CBD. Hobson Wealth Partners operate their business with a strong focus on your wealth, so they can provide you with a high-quality, professional service. Whether you are looking for strategic investment planning and management, advice on securities, assistance with asset allocation, portfolio construction or securities trading, they can help.

Auckland CA Induction, 29 May 2019


This event is a great opportunity for you to put your networking skills in practice in a relaxed environment whilst meeting your fellow candidates also commencing their Chartered Accountants journey.

Managing Balance, Lunchtime seminar with Rebecca Morris

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is proud to host Rebecca Morris, founder of Paradigm Shift for a lunchtime seminar on Wednesday, 10 April.

Business Briefs – Importance of Employer Brand

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Are you having problems attracting and retaining top tier talent? The issue is often a problematic employer brand.

International research has shown that a strong employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants and a 30% decrease in cost per hire in the recruitment process.  A well defined employer brand is especially critical for professional industries such as accounting where specific sets are high demand. 

It is often said that 'Reputation carries more weight than money', demonstrating how a powerful brand dramatically influences the way people perceive your company can help establish a positive name in the market place. 

Book your place today to hear Rosina cover the key reasons why becoming a ‘powerhouse’ brand is essential to attracting the best talent and simple steps you can take to achieve this.

future[inc]: The Future of Trust

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

Join us for the launch of our latest future[inc] Thought Leadership paper - the Future of Trust either at our Auckland Conference Centre or via webcast.

Trust is the basis of all relationships whether they are personal, business or community ones. Trust has been declining around the world yet it is vital for retaining our staff and our customers. It can be a brand differentiator that could make or break a business. Trust extends further than customer preference it impacts on all areas of business such as attracting talent, retaining talent, funding arrangements and supplier contracts. 
Brands will come and go out of vogue, those that capture our attention, retain our confidence and trust do so by holding fast to their core principles.

The document was prepared by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand with the assistance of Dr Lisa Marriott. The key points from the paper are:
  • Trust is critical in any relationship. High levels of trust have significant benefits 
  • for businesses and professionals. 
  • As people’s trust in many institutions declines, being honest and ethical isn’t enough – you need to communicate this commitment too. 
  • New technology combined with traditional values such as face-to-face contact can help improve trust. 
  • Association with a brand and purpose beyond profit are proven ways to retain and build trust.

Future of Tax - Wellington 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

What does Capital Gains tax mean for your business and your clients? The recommendations of the Tax Working Group earlier this year have brought taxation and social policy under the spotlight. This event aims to serve as a platform to share and discuss the Government’s plan to enable an efficient, fair and simple tax system in New Zealand promoting the long-term sustainability and productivity of the economy.

Emerging Leaders | Ekant Veer - 14 May 2019

Seminar 1 CPD hours

"Failing vs Failure: Creating an Attitude that Embraces Failing"

Manawatu Corporate SIG Half-Day Conference

Seminar 2.5 CPD hours

Join us at the Manawatu Corporate SIG Conference for a unique opportunity to network with your peers and hear the latest on key projects for the Manawatu region and a facilitated presentation on how to adapt to change.

Wellington Financial SIG- Growing Wealth

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Learn about forestry investment from the experts.

Masterton company Forest Enterprises has been helping investors generate returns from radiata pine forestry for nearly 50 years and is New Zealand’s leading provider of retail forestry investment. Forest Enterprises has over $450 million of assets under management- it manages 20,000+ hectares in Wairarapa, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay on behalf of 6,600+ individual investors, most of whom are New Zealanders.

CEO Bert Hughes and the Forest Enterprises team will introduce you to the art and science of turning a 50c seedling into a $300 tree.

Investors are anticipating income as the country is approaching peak harvest of the 1990s planting boom. Forest Enterprises has paid $27 million of harvest distributions to investors since January 2018. You may have a client or family member with an interest in forestry who had questions at this key stage of their investment. 

Wellington Financial SIG: Industry update and staying out of trouble

Seminar 1 CPD hours

An update on how dispute resolution procedures are currently working and an opportunity to learn more about what to do to reduce the chances of complaint escalation. 

Taranaki Fellows Panel Discussion 2019

Seminar 1.5 CPD hours

TOPIC: Eating Culture for Breakfast
Our 2019 Taranaki Fellows panel discussion 
will focus on the importance of culture;
What it is, why it matters and how to define it.

Gisborne 2019 Economic Update with Westpac

Seminar 1 CPD hours

Join us for a 2019 Economic Update and hear from Westpac Economist, Paul Clark.

This is a great opportunity to gain an up-to-date outlook on the latest economic issues and trends facing business in 2019 while at the same time networking with your peers. It is open to both your colleagues and clients and is an opportunity for Chartered Accountants to highlight the important role they play in assisting clients and their organisations in making broader strategic decisions.