Transform your KPIs

Key performance indicators are crucial to defining and tracking your organisation’s progress toward its goals. Setting up the wrong performance measures can lead to unwanted behaviours across an organisation, perhaps even destroying value through misalignment and confusion. This webinar will help you avoid these common mistakes.

Webinar Highlights

  • The four types of performance measures and why only a few are KPIs
  • The characteristics of a winning KPI
  • How many KPIs should you have
  • The damaging myths of performance measurement
  • The foundation stones for a KPI project
  • The rules for designing measures
  • The eight stages of selling and leading change
  • The importance of knowing your organisation’s CSFs
  • Why you need to limit to five to eight CSFs
  • The four tasks to ascertain your CSFs
  • Learning Outcomes

    Session 1:

    On satisfactory completion of session 1 you will be able to;

  • Explain the difference between the four types of performance measures to your colleagues.
  • Identify the seven characteristics of a winning KPI that will help accelerate performance and build individual and collective accountability for results
  • Apply the 10/80/10 rule when planning your KPIs to avoid having too many measures.
  • Session 2:

    On satisfactory completion of session 2 you will be able to;

  • Identify your organisations critical success factors (CSFs) and apply these to the relevant performance measures.
  • Implement your winning KPIs using a three-stage process guide.
  • Describe the eight stages of selling and leading change and be able to initiate these stages to enhance project success.
  • Benefits

    Is your organisation using the correct measures? Transform key performance indicators (KPIs) to accelerate performance and improve results. Lift the skill level of managers and employees in selecting meaningful measures and using those measures to make better informed decision.

    Attendees will receive an electronic download of support material to assist with implementation.

    Session Information

    OneWednesday 22nd April 202012.00pm - 1.00pm NZT
    TwoWednesday 29th April 201912.00pm - 1.00pm NZT


    Topic: Business Mindset, Corporate Finance, Future Focused, People & Leadership, Reporting

    Sub-Topic: Building Knowledge, Business Planning & Analysis, Business Reporting, Finance Management, Financial Reporting, Operational Excellence, Project Management, Solve Problems

    Format: Webinar

    Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

    CPD: Upto 3 hours