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The Transformed CFO

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For years the talk has been about ‘The CFO of the future’. Well, the ‘future’ is here. This five module series is a must for every senior finance professional and all those aspiring to leadership roles within finance.

Content Description

The traditional finance function is under threat from several external disruptive forces, with big data, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence, as well as new business models impacting the traditional role of the CFO and the finance function. These disruptive influences have caught up on the profession faster than expected. It is time for senior finance professionals and CFO’s specifically, to take stock and ascertain where they and their finance functions are on their path to transformation.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this webinar series you will be able to:

    Part 1

    • Identify examples of disruptive changes that are impacting the finance profession and the role of the CFO. • Identify gaps in knowledge and competencies that currently exist within finance, so as to remain relevant. • Explain what finance professionals can do to bridge any knowledge and competency gaps. • Describe the shortcomings in the face of disruptions and how finance professionals can prepare for the challenges from disruption.

    Part 2

  • Identify the context of performance for the CFO and finance function.
  • Describe the performance of finance against best practice, using examples, in a time of transformation.
  • Summarise the key finance processes, performance and improvement opportunities that can add value to the organisation.
  • Describe the key performance metrics for the improvement of finance performance.

  • Part 3

  • Identify the strategic role being demanded of senior finance professionals and CFO.
  • Explain the steps CFOs can take to play a more strategic role within their organisations.
  • Describe how CFOs can better influence strategic outcomes of the organisation.
  • Identify the strategic tools that are available across the business spectrum.

  • Part 4

  • Identify the role of big data and analytics from the perspective of a CFO and senior finance professional.
  • Describe the important role of finance in the data environment.
  • Explain the use of big data and analytics in providing perspective and actionable insights.
  • Summarise examples of data visualisation techniques that can be used to influence outcomes.

  • Part 5

  • Identify the imperative need for finance to transform themselves.
  • Describe how to become better business managers and drive organisational outcomes.
  • Identify the skills and competencies required for business partnering.
  • Describe examples of how successful organisations have embraced business partnering to improve financial performance and outcomes.


This series of webinars will provide thought leadership into how the finance function and senior finance professionals can keep ahead of the increasing demands of them.

Part 1: Context of the transformed CFO

This part sets the context and framework for the sessions to follow, examining the disruptive forces to-date and those that are on the horizon and will impact upon finance. It explores the knowledge and competencies gaps that currently exist, and how finance can remain relevant in the future. More importantly, it looks to open minds and challenge finance professionals in respect of their transforming roles within their organisations.

Part 2: Building a world-class finance function

The second part explores why achieving improved performance is mandatory if the finance function is to move into more value adding areas. It examines performance metrics and finance processes across the board and identifies why and how they can be improved in order to enable finance’s shift to the value adding space. What does it mean to be a world class finance function? This is the challenge for every CFO and finance leadership team.

Part 3: Finance function’s role in strategy

This part provides finance professionals with an insightful context of organisational strategy in a manner that considers the enhanced role that finance should play. It also explores strategic tools and techniques that they can use. The passive compliance, regulatory and historical reporting role of finance is coming to an end. Finance must get proactively involved in the strategy of their organisations, driving strategy execution through effective resource allocation and management, and indeed participating in strategic decision making.

Part 4: Big data, analytics and the finance function

The fourth part provides finance professionals with insights into how their roles can be enhanced using the platform of big data and analytics across the entire business spectrum. There are demonstrated examples of how such a platform will contribute to their roles in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of finance, involvement in strategy, providing key actionable insights and building effective partnering with the business.

Part 5: Finance transformation and business partnering

The final part explores the context of effective business partnering in a manner that will contribute to value adding engagement with the rest of the business. If finance is to play a game-changing role in their organisations they must ‘partner’ with their opposite numbers in the business to jointly drive performance in their organisations. It works through a skills and competencies framework that provides the confidence and competencies for finance professionals to transform them into true business partners.

Aubrey Joachim FCMA CGMA MBA – Leading Edge Change

Aubrey is a recognised presenter in the areas of strategic management accounting, business analytics and finance transformation. He has been educating business professionals across the world for over 10 years. His corporate experience stretches nearly 30 years with leading UK and US global conglomerates across Australasia, the middle east and the UK. He was the global president of a leading professional management accounting body.


Topic: Business Mindset

Sub-Topic: Solve Problems, Strategy

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 5 hours