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Tech Bootcamp: Full Series

De-mystify the jargon in technology and gain actionable insights into disruptive technologies while being aware of the risks of cyber security, data integrity and privacy. Prepare yourself to meet the upcoming demands of business and brace for the impact technology will have on the way that finance operates.

Content Description

Data is everywhere. It affects not only how we run our businesses, but how we live our everyday lives. From blockchain to robotics, cyber security to cloud, artificial intelligence to automation, businesses are being transformed by the impact of big data and data analytics. As business evolve through digital disruption, the role of accountancy and finance professionals is set to change too. Understanding the ways you can leverage data can help you find key insights, make smarter business decisions, and elevate your career.

According to a Forbes article “2017 will be the year big data goes mainstream ...whether gathering data on the front end or making big decisions in the C-Suite, every single person in your organisation must buy into the value [data] analytics brings”.

The Tech Bootcamp hosts industry experts within the data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life. They will cover how today’s wealth of data drives business decisions and what is in store for the future of finance.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this webinar series you will be able to:

    Session 1: Cyber Security and Ransomeware

  • Summarise the current security threats within the Australia and New Zealand region.
  • Identify potential controls to stop Ransomware and cyber threats.
  • Explain the key steps in implementing Incident Response Planning.
  • Describe how to develop a Business and/or enterprise security plan.
  • Identify key cyber risks and ways to mitigate them.

  • Session 2: An Introduction to Blockchain

  • Define what a Blockchain and distributed ledger are and describe the fundamentals of how they work.
  • Explain how Blockchain technology is able to alter the way transactions are recorded, trusted and the way businesses transact.
  • Describe the potential benefits and risks of using Blockchain technology.
  • Describe what Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is and how it relates to Blockchain technology.

  • Session 3: Finance 2020

  • Explain the different technology disruptions and their impact within the finance function.
  • Describe the key technologies that will have an impact on the skills and talent requirements in order to be successful in 2020.
  • Identify potential strategies to prepare the finance function for the future.

  • Session 4: Marketing to the Machines

  • Define algorithms and understand that at their core they are relatively benign and conceptually easy to understand.
  • Explain how some simple and more complex algorithm applications can be used to identify and influence customers.
  • Describe how algorithms may shape the way we acquire and employ knowledge.
  • Identify how algorithms may reframe ethics and morality and potentially help solve some of life’s most existential questions.

  • Session 5: DIY Analytics

  • Explain why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) are likely to become the most significant disruptors of this era.
  • Identify the role that business analytics plays in both AI and BI technologies.
  • Develop your own solutions to experiment with concepts fundamental to business analytics using “low end” tools like Excel and “high end” tools like Tableau.
  • Describe an example of a “Siri like” application to your colleagues and then summarise the key steps required to develop it for your own business.

  • Session 6: Aiming for Privacy Resilience

  • Identify what personal information is and how it is protected.
  • Explain how data privacy and protection impacts on you and your clients / organisations.
  • Describe the significant trends in the area of data protection, including how the conversation around privacy and data protection has shifted dramatically from the data room to the boardroom.
  • Develop an action list of key things that you and your clients should be doing now to mitigate risks associated with privacy and changes in privacy regulation.


Prepare yourself to meet the upcoming demands of business and brace for the impact technology will have on the way that finance operates.

Session 1: Cyber Security and Ransomeware

Cyber threat is very real and more common than thought. Join Mark as he actions the Threat Landscape in the region, explores Ransomware, talks about the policies, processes and procedures required to audit and monitor these threats.

Session 2: An Introduction to Blockchain

Blockchain promises to be the most disruptive innovation since the advent of the internet. It has the potential to change the way people and businesses transact and build trust with its trail of records. Join Mark as he simplifies the jargon around Blockchain and demonstrates ways payments are made.

Session 3: Finance 2020

Finance is facing disruptions which will change the way the Finance team functions. To be successful in 2020, the Finance team needs to understand that the world will continue to move even faster and that they need to prepare themselves to meet the upcoming demands of business.

This session will outline the impact of disruptions on the Finance team from a digital and a talent perspective. Technologies such as process robotics, cloud and blockchain are set to impact the way that finance operates. From a talent perspective, the future finance teams will require an increased emphasis on specialisation, business partnering and new roles such as data scientists.

Session 4: Marketing to the Machines

From the mundane through to the fundamentally life-changing, this provocative session will examine the many and far reaching impacts of algorithms on our daily lives and culture, the challenges they present to marketers and approaches to effectively market to the machines.

Session 5: DIY Analytics

Discuss the difference between performance that is consistent and performance that meets your targets. Join Luke as he helps you recognise patterns and simplify the tools to perform analytics with disruptive technologies facing accountants to ultimately perform consistently to meet your targets.

Session 6: Aiming for Privacy Resilience

In a world where data continues to grow at exponential rates, many organisations are already struggling to control their data. Add to that an environment of increasing privacy regulation where cyber-attacks and data breaches are becoming regular, front page news, and there is a need for clear and practical guidance.

Mark Micklefield, Security Expert - Kaon Security

Mark Pascall, Director - Blockchain Labs

Julia Fraccaro, Finance & Performance Management, Consulting - Deloitte

Carlos de Spinola, Strategic Planning Director - We Are Social

Luke Rochester, Management Consultant - On Business App

Sonia Sharma, Senior Associate Commercial - Maddocks


Topic: Business Mindset

Sub-Topic: Information & Communication Technology

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

CPD: 6 hours