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Setting Goals and Reviewing Results - eLearning

This activity is presented by Development Dimensions International.

People are more engaged and strive for better results when they feel ownership of their work process and outcomes. This course will explain how to engage and reinforce a sense of shared ownership during performance management discussions.


How do you view your role in managing the performance of your direct reports? If you’re like many leaders, you take on most of the responsibility for setting up each person’s performance plan and then hope for the best when it comes time to discuss results. This course presents a shift in this traditional approach to one in which you and your direct reports share responsibility for all aspects of their performance.

This highly interactive session introduces tools and techniques you can use to fully engage and involve your direct reports in performance discussions that result in clear expectations as well as a clear path to successfully achieving those expectations. You’ll learn how to collaborate on performance goals that meet the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) criteria. You will understand how to gather and analyse accurate performance data and how to use the interaction essentials to guide effective performance discussions. You will also watch videos illustrating key course content and skills.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
• Ensure direct reports take a more active role in managing their performance.
• Manage performance on an ongoing basis while working within the organisation’s time parameters for goal setting and performance reviews.
• Provide the ongoing coaching and feedback your direct reports need to achieve their goals.
• Increase your direct reports’ confidence and commitment to their own success.


By using the skills in this course, you will be better equipped to engage and reinforce a sense of ownership during performance discussions, leading to higher levels of commitment in striving for better results.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Talent Management

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

CPD: Upto 2 hours