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People Leaders Executive Education – Leadership Psychology - Workshop

This activity is presented by New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership.

People Leaders Executive Programme is designed to broaden your perspective, enhance core executive skills, create a distinct career advantage and provide immediate benefits to your organisation. 

The Executive Programme provides you with tools to focus on identifying, developing and implementing significant change and improvement in your current workplace.

Content Description:

People Leaders Leadership Psychology module is an innovative cross-disciplinary programme. It integrates the study and practice of positive leadership and organisational systems with the fundamentals of human psychology, to create a 21st century approach to executive leadership.

This intensive workshop based module allows you to explore leadership styles, determine your personal preference for leadership and identify and address the mental obstacles blocking you from a higher level of performance.

This approach to leadership teaches you the skills and perspectives necessary to meet the challenges of our highly networked world. Leadership Psychology emphasises the need to understand individual and group behaviours as a complex system, in order to achieve sustainable change.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
• Increase your awareness of self-responsibility and increase your 'toolbox' for positive responsiveness.
• Increase your strength, clarity and gain personal insights from reflective practice.
• Understand your key drivers and become a positive appreciative leader.
• Enable your team to work with confidence and develop their talent.
• Build a positive and engaged workplace culture.
• Refocus on values and balance at work and in your life.
• Increase your positive contribution to your home and work life.


This programme will benefit all senior managers and executives who are looking to build their self-awareness as a leader, increase their ability to navigate through mental obstacles, increase their resilience and build positive constructive work cultures.

Tom Matthews, BSc, Post Grad Bus Dip, Post grad Dip Edu, MEd, Cert Counselling
Lecturer, University of Canterbury
Visiting Lecturer, University of Otago

No prerequisites.

Course material and workbook supplied at course.

You will complete a pre-course reflective activity to warm up to prepare yourself for the programme.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Leadership

Format: Workshop

Proficiency Level: Advanced

CPD: Upto 18 hours