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Essentials for auditors package

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Are you up to date with the latest changes affecting external audit? Specifically designed for audit professionals in New Zealand, this package gives you the essential knowledge you need to navigate a landscape of constant change.  


Featuring critical sessions from Audit Conference 2020 as well as curated courses, this package will help you stay abreast of changes in auditing and accounting standards and the regulatory updates. Strengthen your audit practice through knowledge, strategies and solutions that address today's most pressing issues.  

Learning outcomes
  • Completing this package will help you to gain deeper insights into areas such as:  
  • How to practically audit Less Complex Entities (LCEs).  
  • Understand how the proposed charity standards will affect your assurance approach.  
  • Learn why remote auditing is a game-changer.  
  • The use of technology in audits.  
  • Factors to be considered whilst performing going concern evaluation in current environment  
  • Structural and substantive changes made in the Code of Ethics and PES 1.  

Courses included 
  • Charity Audit: Assurance over service performance reporting  
  • Introduction to Remote Auditing  
  • Sharpening the tools in your auditor toolkit (NZ Audit Conference 2020)  
  • ISA 315 Risk identification and assessment (NZ Audit Conference 2020)  
  • Going Concern assessment and its impact on the Auditor’s report  
  • Revised Code of Ethics: An Overview  
  • How to practically audit less complex entities (LCEs) (NZ Audit Conference 2020)  


This package will help you to stay up to date technical knowledge, latest developments and key skills in a landscape of constant change. Gaining key insights from leading subject matter experts, regulators, and fellow practitioners.  


Topic: Audit & Assurance

Sub-Topic: Financial Planning & Advisory

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation

CPD: Upto 6.25 hours