Delegation by NZIML

This activity explores the critical skills and techniques for successful delegation and task management, helping you to prioritise your leadership responsibilities and ensure your team members achieve better outcomes.


Effective delegation is a critical management capability, and is as much an art form as a skill. If you know how to delegate effectively, it will reduce your workload, develop your team’s skills and create improved organisational effectiveness. You will identify tasks that should be delegated and apply frameworks to manage people and tasks effectively. The activity focuses on the steps and stages that ensure successful and positive delegation, and supports a workplace culture that grows and develops its people.

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to: 
  • Articulate the benefits of effective delegation in your work environment and for your leadership role.
  • Understand the reasons for not delegating and identify issues that underpin avoiding delegation.
  • Understand different forms and levels of delegation, as not all delegation processes are exactly the same.
  • Understand and apply a delegation framework, managing tasks and people at each stage in the process and to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Create workplace scripts and practices to support you in different delegation situations.
  • Manage refusals to carry out a task or troubleshoot ahead to ensure that delegation is both appropriate and successful.
  • Apply the appropriate delegation process to develop the talent in your team and leverage the strengths of the organisation.
This activity builds your skill and confidence to be a leader who can delegate successfully and create positive outcomes. You will be equipped with a skill set that enables you to grow your team members, improve the productivity of your organisation and clear your own schedule to complete the tasks that will improve your leadership capabilities. 


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Leadership

Format: Workshop

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

CPD: 7 hours