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Dealing with Confrontation & Challenging Behaviour Workshop

This activity is presented by Academy of Training.

Develop key skills to enable you to deal more effectively with confrontation and other challenging behaviour, which can form part of everyday business life.

Content Description

Learn the skills to understand different styles of behaviour, what affects behaviour and recognise learned reactions. We will cover techniques to enable you to apply this knowledge to manage different personalities, behaviour, and situations with staff and customers. You will review your own behaviour and assess its impact and effectiveness. We will cover how to convey bad news constructively, listen and assimilate another’s viewpoint, and handle conflict and criticism whilst avoiding negativity in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:

  • Recognise behaviour and the different personalities and styles of behaviour
  • Identify your personality type and behaviour and the impact they have on your professional environment
  • Apply techniques that help you to respond rather than react to difficult behaviour
  • Use a framework to handle yourself and others in a conflict situation that helps to produce positive results


Develop a range of skills and techniques to handle confrontation and challenging behaviour in a professional and supportive manner, and to create a climate for effective communication.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Talent Management

Format: Workshop

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: 12 hours