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Charity audit: Assurance over service performance reporting

This webinar provides an overview of required and proposed reporting for the different tiers as well as guidance on applying the existing assurance guidance and proposed assurance standard.

Content description

With the mandatory requirement for tier 3 and 4 charities to prepare service performance information, and on the horizon for tier 1 and 2, are you prepared to assist your clients through the transition as well as perform assurance work over this information?

Service performance reporting is now a requirement for smaller NZ charities and will be a requirement for all in future. New reporting and assurance standards have and are being developed for service performance information. The changes provide added opportunities for auditors (or members) to assist clients with these changes.

In this webinar, Craig Fisher and Wayne Tukiri of RSM New Zealand guide you through the existing guidance and proposed assurance standard and what these mean for your assurance work. Craig & Wayne will also share practical insights seen in practice to assist you with developing effective and efficient assurance solutions for service performance information.

Highlights include

  • The purpose and drivers for this new reporting
  • An overview of the reporting requirements
  • Understanding the differences required between tiers
  • Existing assurance requirements for tier 3 & 4 charities from EG Au9
  • An overview of the proposed assurance standard due to be issued in mid-2018 that will apply to all tiers
  • Potential challenges and focus points for assurance providers
  • Lessons from early adopters
  • Learning outcomes

    Upon satisfactory completion of this webinar you will be able to:

      Describe who has to comply with what in terms of service performance reporting standards.
    • Describe what the present and proposed assurance requirements involve.
    • Explain how these proposed standards will affect your assurance approach.
    • Identify common challenges and pitfalls that need to be managed/solved as part of providing these solutions
    • Identify areas where you can assist clients in their understanding and information preparation for this new reporting requirement for charities.


    Expand your assurance knowledge and skills by exploring the proposed reporting and assurance standards and how they will affect your assurance solutions.

    Have the opportunity to pose service performance assurance questions to the presenters.

    Craig Fisher is an experienced auditor and recognised expert in the NFP and charitable sector. As well as being a practical auditor he has had a long involvement in standard setting being a member of the NZAuASB since its inception in 2011. Prior to this he chaired the Institute’s Professional Practices Board and then Professional Standards Board for 8 years during which time he also represented NZ internationally in audit and assurance standards setting.

    Wayne Tukiri is also a very experienced auditor and expert trainer. Wayne has a special interest in service performance reporting having previously worked with Audit New Zealand when service reporting was introduced to the NZ public sector more than 20 years ago, and with many charities in recent years.


    Topic: Audit & Assurance

    Sub-Topic: Financial Statement Audit, Other Assurance Engagements

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

    CPD: Upto 1 hours