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Auckland Focus on Management SIG 2021

A connected network focused on sharp thinking for CAs in senior management or governance roles.

Available to attend in person and online. 

This group is targeted at members and non-members who have moved beyond traditional financial accounting roles and have an interest in business-related issues.

A connected network focused on sharp thinking for CAs in senior management or governance roles.

Also available on live webcast

Half year Purchase (July - Dec)
Member $164
Non-Member $204

Casual Session Purchase

Member $60
Non-Member $75


  • Topics for 2021

  • 11 February
  • Infrastructure Priorities for the New Government - Presented by Hamish Glenn, Policy Director at Infrastructure NZ
  • The economy and financial markets in 2021 - Presented by Mark Lister, Head of Private Wealth research, Craigs Investment Partners

  • 11 March
  • Leadership Under Pressure- Cherri Holland
  • The business Outlook for 2021 - Brett O'Riley, CEO, EMA

  • 8 April
  • The Xero Journey: From Aotearoa to the World- Sue pak, Head of Accounting at Zero and CA ANZ Councillor
  • What is happening in our workplace - Anthony Drake, Emplyment Lawyer at Wynn Williams

  • Topics for 2020

    13 February
    • Importance of the Disability Commissioner role in NZ, -  Meenal Duggal, Deputy Commissioner Complaints Resolution, Disability Commission
    • Economic update and risks and opportunities for 2020 - Presented by, Mike Jones, Senior Economist ASB Bank 

    12 March 2020
    • Climate Change Considerations for Business - Presented by, Joanna Silver, Head of Sustainable Finance, Westpac NZ
    • Integrated Reporting - Presented by, David Guerney, Manager Corporate and Local Board Performance

    2 April 2020
    • Challenges with teams working remotely and how to manage under this environment - Presented by Cherri Holland
    • Managing your employment obligations during Covid-19 - Presented by Anthony Drake, Wynn Williams

    14 May
    • Financial Resilience Amid Covid-19 - Presented by Hannah McQueen, Founder of enableMe
    • Managing the Business Recovery from COVID-19 - Presented by Brett O'Riley CEO of the EMA

    11 June 
    • Economic Forecast - Predictions when the old crystal ball is no use - Presented by Mike Jones, Senior Economist ASB 
    • Technology for a post-COVID world - Presented by Kate Tulp – Vodafone NZ Head of Corporate and Global Enterprise

     9 July
    • Fraud and Corruption - the more things change - Presented by Philip Riley, Director Forencis Services, PWC
    • Post Lock down Employment Law - Presented by Anthony Drake, Partner, Wynn Williams 

    13 August 
    • Frucor Suntory – Our Hunger to Make Drinks Better - Presented by, Peter Lamb CFO Frucor Suntory
    • Forces that may Impact the Future of Sport - Presented by, Dave Adams Head of Government Relations and Strategic Foresight Sport New Zealand

    10 September 
    • Cyber Risk Management - A discussion on why the landscape has suddenly changed in 2020 - Presented by Campbell McKenzie, Director, Incident Response Solution
    • A Potpourri of COVID related tax and other initiatives – What is available? - Presented by John Cuthbertson, FCA, NZ Tax & Financial Services Leader, Chartered Accountants ANZ 

    8 October 
    • The 4 Day Week: Enhancing productivity and business resilience in a post Covid world -  Presented by Andrew Barnes, Founder, Complectus Limited, Perpetual Guardian and Coulthard Barnes & Charlotte Lockhart, CEO, 4 Day Week Global
    • New Privacy Laws - Presented by Anthony Drake, Partner, Wynn Williams

    12 November 
    • Economic Update - Presented by Mike Jones, Senior Economist ASB Bank
    • Trusts - Common issues and anticipated issues arising from the new Act - Presented by Shane Campbell, Partner Wynn Williams

    Topics from 2019
    14 February
    • Auckland Employment Update and The Future of Work - Craig Malcolm, Associate Director, Hudson
    • Delivering digital health and social services in New Zealand at scale - Andrew Slater, CEO, Homecare Medical

    14 March
    • Economic update - Chris Tennent-Brown, Wealth Senior Economist, ASB
    • Outcomes from the Tax Working Group - Geof Nightingale, Partner, PwC

    11 April
    • The Private Hospital sector – Dr Ian England, Chief Executive Officer, MercyAscot Hospital 
    • Employment Law - Anthony Drake, Partner, Wynn Williams' national Dispute Resolution Team

    9 May
    • The Future of Marketing - Pip Simeon, Go-to-Market lead at Microsoft, New Zealand
    • The information security crisis - Campbell McKenzie, Director, Incident Response Solutions

    13 June
    • Developing a  World Class City - Ludo Campbell-Read, General Manage, Auckland
    • Budget Update - Leigh Tomei, Partner, PwC Auckland

    11 July
    • Relationship property, Trusts and Succession planning - Andrew Watkins 
    • Watercare Update - Raveen Jaduram  

    8 August
    • Future of Work - Sarah Hindle
    • Digital Services Tax Debate  -  “Google Tax” - John Cuthberton

    Topics 2018
    8 February
    • Update on telecommunications in NZ - Craig Young, CEO Telecommunications User of NZ
    • Viewpoints on the future of media - challenges and opportunities in the fast-moving world - Sarah Judkins, NZME

    8 March
    • Inland Revenue Departments Transformation Project, the business improvement rationale, how the new system will add value and what it means for both business and individuals - Mike Cunnington, Information and Intelligence & Communications.
    • Moving from offices to open plan and managing the chance to get a successful result - Kylie Mooney, Meredith Connell

    12 April
    • Blockchain for Accountants - Presented by Luke Li
    • The things you must know about Employment Law in 2018 - Presented by Anthony Drake, Wynn Williams

    10 May
    • Faculty of Business, Economics & Law - Presented by Barry Brunette, AUT
    • Economic Update - Presented by Kim Mundy, ASB Bank

    14 June
    • Transformation at Microsoft - Presented by Philip Goldie, Business Microsoft NZ
    • Anti-Money Laundering Legislation includes Accountants from 1 Oct 2018 - Presented by Martin Dilly, BCOM LLB

    12 July
    • Innovation City - Presented by Stephen Selwood, Infrastructure NZ
    • The Tax Working Group - Presented by Geof Nightingale, The Tax Working Group Member

    8 August
    • International Economic Update - Presented by Kim Campbell, EMA
    • Opportunities and Complexity of the CRL Project - Presented by John Williamson, CRLL

    13 September
    • Economy Update - Presented by Dominick Stephens, Westpac
    • Digital Retail - Ben Green, Vodafone New Zealand

    11 October
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – A Kiwi View - Presented by Garry Green, Managing Director, Quanton
    • Putting Together the Economic Puzzle Pieces - Presented by Mark Riggall, Portfolio Manager, Milford Asset

    8 November
    • Presentations have Evolved! - Presented by John Quinn, Presentologist, Audience Alive
    • Ports of Auckland Limited's plans and options to serve the city in the best way possible - Presented by Tony Gibson, CEO, Ports of Auckland Limited

    13 December
    • Housing New Zealand - Transforming communities - Presented by Andrew McKenzie CEO - Housing New Zealand
    • Auckland Council Treasury - Presented by John Bishop Treasurer and GM Financial Transactions – Auckland Council

Chartered Accountants ANZ Conference Centre
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