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Chartered Accountants are well positioned to undertake independent audits as required by AML/CFT Act.  This package aims to equip attendees with the relevant knowledge to undertake independent audit of an entity’s AML/CFT Programme and Risk Assessment. 


Featuring the AML/CFT Webinar for Auditors Series as well as curated courses, this package provides the essential knowledge you need to expand your knowledge of the AML/CFT Act in order to undertake AML audits.

Hear from Anti-Money Laundering Specialist on the requirements of the Act and the Assurance standards required when conducting and AML/CFT audit. Get an opportunity to hear from experts from CA ANZ, Ministry of justice, the Financial Intelligence Unit of the NZ Police and the Department of Internal Affairs speak to the new requirements and how organisations can ensure compliance with the act.

Note- In accordance with the NZICA Rules members must be CPP holders to undertake AML audits as it is a statutory assurance engagement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to undertake an independent audit of an Entity’s Risk Assessment and AML/CFT programme.
  • Describe the legislative requirements of the audit under the AML/CFT Act
  • Understand CA ANZ / NZICA requirements of the assurance engagement
  • Understand what to include in the Audit Report
  • Gain a clear understanding around the legislation and how to comply
  • Determine whether your practice is a reporting entity for AML purposes and what you need to do.
  • Learn both the structural and substantiative changes made to the Code of Ethics and PES 1.
  • Understand of the steps and solutions available to transition to the new regulatory regime

  • Courses included:

  • AML/CFT Webinar for Auditors Series
  • AML/CFT – debunking the myths & clarifying requirements - practical guidance for reporting entities
  • Overview of the AML/CFT Regulations Series
  • Revised Code of Ethics: An Overview
  • AML/CFT Regulations: hear from the experts and government officials

  • Benefits:

    This package will enable you to undertake AML /CFT audits with a greater understanding of the requirements of the Act and the Assurance standards required when conducting and AML/CFT audit.


    Topic: Audit & Assurance

    Sub-Topic: Auditor Liability

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: All

    CPD: Upto 10 hours